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Darling, So It Goes

Hi Minxies! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! We certainly did. We are soaking up every ounce of sunshine we can get and experimenting with different looks as we transition from colder months to a much warmer season. We love pairing this cropped leather jacket from Neuw with this breezy, easy-going floral shift dress. Having transitional looks and layering options are important while the weather is still unpredictable. And just because it’s Spring, it doesn’t mean that black and dark tones of our wardrobe are banished to the back of our closets to wait until October! Black is still an incredibly wearable color even in the hotter seasons. Bright florals, neons, and patterns stand out strikingly against a black fabrics. At Minx we hope to prepare you for even the most drastic weather shifts, with comfort and style being at the top of the priority list. XOXO!


















Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Black Floral Shift Dress, Cotton Candy LA – $51
Leather Jacket, Neuw – Price Available Upon Request (Now 50% Off!)
Orange Earrings, Extasia – $62
“Myth” Sandals, BC – No longer available

Thanks to Breigh for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Owl Bakery for the perfect backdrop.

Shift to Black

When in doubt, shifting back to those neutral tones and classic silhouettes can feel like the warm hug of familiarity and comfort! When using a neutral color pallet, feel free to experiment with new and different shapes and styles without feeling like you’re jumping too far out of the familiar. We fell in love with these square-toed slingback mules from Intentionally Blank, and while we no longer have them in store, this style is totally worth trying out! As much as we love trying new trends and styles, we appreciate Neuw Denim for keeping those classic looks in mind and we are thrilled to be getting more + more in the store from them (so keep your eyes peeled!)


Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Kimono Dress, Neuw – $95
Honcho Mules, Intentionally Blank – $229
Earrings – $40
Necklace, NY Jewelry – $18

Thanks to Ellen for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Cool Off in Serefina, Everly, and BC Footwear

BC Spark Wedges, Everly Shift Dress Midi Shift Dress by Everly Everly Shift Dress Serefina Jewelry everly_shift_wine (5 of 8) Geode Shift Dress Everly Geode Shift Dress & Serefina Everly Shift Dress, Serefina JewelryShop this look in our downtown boutique!

Geode Shift Dress, Everly – $56
Dancing Tassel Necklace, Serefina – $75
Gilded Petal Necklace, Serefina – $75
‘Spark’ Wedge Sandals, BC Footwear – $83

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


In a Workwear Rut? Switch It Up with a Leota Printed Shift Dress

Leota Savannah Cap Sleeve Shift Dress Leota Savannah Cap Sleeve Dress Frye Parker Field Bag Frye Parker Field Bag Zacasha Tassel Necklace Leota Savannah Cap Sleeve Shift Dress Seychelles Cleopatra Heels Shop this look in our downtown boutique!

Savanna Cap Sleeve Shift, Leota – $125
Handmade Tassel Necklace, Zacasha – $75
Handcarved Intaglio Ring, Extasia – $12
Bixa Earrings, Seaworthy – Sold Out
Parker Field Bag, Frye – $269
Cleopatra Heels, Seychelles – $132

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!

Mod Mini Dress for a Mid-Week Pick Me Up

Purple Shift Dress Purple Mod Shift Dress Zip Up Shift Dress Purple Shift Dress and Gidigios purple_shift_dress-10

Shop the dress in our online store (use code: BONVOYAGE to take 50% off sitewide!) & the rest in our downtown boutique!  You can find the sunglasses at our favorite store for frames, L’optique! 

Oh My Mod! Shift Dress, Minx – Was $44, now $22
Ice Cold Statement Necklace, Minx-  $18
Pink Shades, Anne Et Valentin- available at L’optique
Pink “Twist Souffle” Booties, Gidigio- $301

Thanks to Sarah Jane for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!

One Dress, Every Occasion: Spring’s Most Versatile Dress is Here

Like any good relationship, the perfect wardrobe is all about symbiosis. Trendy tops and fancy designer duds are balanced by beautifully cut basics. While we’re all keen on sequins, leather, and tulle, it’s the simple and versatile silhouettes that form the base for more complex outfits. The best basics are simple, timeless and happy to play second fiddle to that statement piece you’ve been dying to wear.

We’ve declared our love for great basics before- but now, we want to show you! We started with spring’s most versatile dress- the Kelly Scoopneck Shift Dress from Yerse!

Whether you’re working on building a dream wardrobe or just hoping to get a little more wear out of your pieces, add this shift to the mix and you’ll be styling like a pro. With tweaks a simple as swapping out the shoes and playing with layering, this dress will take you from a sunny Sunday afternoon to your next work party in no time! Seriously, this shift is it!

But, don’t take our word for it!  Check out the photos below to see just how versatile a great shift dress can be!

Yerse Shift Dress

Yerse Shift Dress

Cheap Monday Chambray Vest Dress

Joules Yellow Raincoat

Line & Dot Striped Blazer

Seychelles Gamble Heels

Just Female Black Trench Coat

Closet Hi-Lo Skirt



 Shop these looks in our downtown Asheville boutique!

The Base:

Kelly Scoop Shift Dress, Yerse – $109


Heart dress, Cheap Monday – $73
Studded Low Tops, Frye – $179 (now 40% off!)
Yellow Rubber Raincoat, Joules

Work Party-

Striped Blazer, Line & Dot – $131
Elyse Heels in Salmon, Chelsea Crew – $57
Lariat Necklace, Minx – $12

Date Night:

Classic Fedora, Brooklyn Hat Co – $42
Tassel Necklace, Zacasha – $75
Sylvia Trenchcoat, Just Female – $263
Gamble Heels, Seychelles – $103


Hi-Lo Flamenco Skirt, Closet – $98
Have I Got News Heels, Seychelles – $103
Abstract Floral Earrings, Minx – $12

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


3 Must Have Pieces for a Fairytale Wardrobe


With Spring Comes Fashions Wishes Great and Small

If you could have one fashion wish granted, what would it be?

Ultimately, we think it is an interesting question to pose: if you could dress any way (if lifestyle, budget, and time were not constricting factors) how would that be? Would it be cool and edgy, floral and feminine, clean and sophisticated?

On our sales floor, here at Minx, that is what we are committed to doing, helping each and every customer who walks through our door to build on their own personal look in their own way.


How to Find and Own Your Look

How does a Minx pinpoint the essence of the look that they are after? Sometimes it’s hard to discern if the look is made by the silhouette, the color, the fabric, the tailoring, or a paring of these elements.

Spring is the perfect time to get excited about clothes again. Here are a few thoughts on how to break down a look and achieve it for yourself.


Fairy God Mother or Simplification?

Our look for today is one straight from the Fashion Fairy’s bag of tricks. No-fuss and huge impact. It is both brilliant and effortless and one of the main reasons for this is that it is only composed of 3 items: the Metallic Shift Dress, the Black Blazer and the Matisse Folk Shoes.

Only 3 items and yet this outfit speaks volumes. This is a look that is chic, sophisticated, clean, cool, feminine and edgy.


The Magical Qualities of the Blazer

Not all blazers are made equal, nor do they say the same thing. But if you can find the right one and incorporate it into your wardrobe almost any outfit can be magically lifted to the status of professional, evening and edgy, simply by donning it.

This Black Blazer is crisp and feminine with a shorter arm and a perfect shoulder fit. This is just the jacket to proclaim that business and fun can happen simultaneously.


Must Have Item: The Metallic Shift Dress

The Metallic Shift Dress has something of the 1960’s silver and gold lame about it. The pattern is decorative and flattering. This is a dress to make you feel truly special again and again.


The Perfect Bootie, Night or Day

The Matisse Folk Shoes create a practical and fashionable look that states “Yes, I can walk all over town for hours on end, from bar, to show, to party and never lose my balance or my cool factor!”

These shoes are a great item to help build any Minx’s wardrobe. They are so versatile: jeans, dresses, work, play, they can take you through it all!


Makeup and Jewelry

To really push your evening look to the next level, go red. Nothing ever has, or will, define a mouth like red lips. Be bold, have fun and own the color in whatever shade suits you best. Everyone can wear a red lip.

Try it tonight and add a chunky gold necklace to insure that the pavement and lights aren’t the only things sparkling into the wee hours.

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Metallic Shift Dress, Beautifully – $69
Cropped Sleeve Blazer, The Hanger – $66
Golden Statement Necklace, Minx – $18
Folk Open Toe Booties, Matisse – $159

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Breigh for coming back to model!