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Fall’s Must Have Dress is Here!

Stevie Dress by Clayton The French Atelier Barrette Dancing Feathers Statement Necklace, SerefinaDeklon Sandals, Dolce Vita From the Minx Blog! Clayton Maxi Dress, Serefina Necklace claxton_maxi-7Shop this look in our downtown boutique!

Stevie Dress in Navy Rain, Clayton – $132
Dancing Feathers Statement Necklace, Serefina – $92
Matte Barrette, The French Atelier – $16
Deklon Sandals, Dolce Vita – Sold Out

Thanks to Breigh for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


Let’s Take a Weekend Getaway

Baggu, Studio Caleidoscope Sandals, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Baggu, Serefina Bracelet, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Asheville, NC

Shop this look in our downtown boutique!

Hi-Lo Linen Dress, Catwalk Studios – $66
Tassel Scarf, Minx – $18
Swirl Studs, Top Shelf Jewelry – $18
Beaded Wrap Bracelet, Serefina – $53
Silver Sandals, Studio Kaleidoscope – $50
Striped Duck Bag, Baggu – $26

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


Cool Off in Serefina, Everly, and BC Footwear

BC Spark Wedges, Everly Shift Dress Midi Shift Dress by Everly Everly Shift Dress Serefina Jewelry everly_shift_wine (5 of 8) Geode Shift Dress Everly Geode Shift Dress & Serefina Everly Shift Dress, Serefina JewelryShop this look in our downtown boutique!

Geode Shift Dress, Everly – $56
Dancing Tassel Necklace, Serefina – $75
Gilded Petal Necklace, Serefina – $75
‘Spark’ Wedge Sandals, BC Footwear – $83

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


Suit Up in Our Favorite Work Wear

What to Wear to Work

There are two great times during the calender year in which to slip into a new self: early fall (ingrained in our psyche from years of first days of school) and January (the start of the new year.)

As 2014 wrapped up so did many work and school projects. Now with the holidays behind us many of us find ourselves on unbroken ground. What is the next step and, as we prepare to take it, how shall we present ourselves?

Business Attire for Women


It’s hard not to look towards media for inspirations for our wardrobes now and then. This is a brilliant idea for any Minx stuck in a rut or any Minx looking to shake their style up a bit.

This outfit gives a hearty nod to both the Madmen era of office wear, with this fabulous bright pink jacket, and to the 9 to 5 era, with the deep blue blouse and black tailored trousers. All offices are different and business attire comes in many different styles, but what Minx wouldn’t love to channel Joan or Dolly while choosing what to wear to work?


Office Wear as a Functional Costume

Sometimes we need a suit of armor before we go out into the world. When the stakes are raised, as they are when our professional or academic persona is on display, then the need for a impenetrable suit of armor is in even higher demand than usual.


Pretend for a moment, if you will, that you have been cast in a play as Valkyrie. Imagine striding out onto stage, lights blaring in your eyes. A wall of hidden critics just on the other side of the curtain of blackness that hides the audience form view. “Be a Valkyrie” is your only direction, but you are in your normal cloths and you feel nothing like a Valkyrie. Now mentally dawn your Valkyrie costume: busty full length dress, braids as thick as your wrist hanging down to your waist, and a great horned hat. The hat is so heavy with metal and horns that you must walk erect just to keep from collapsing under its weight. Add a spear and shield and suddenly it is perfectly easy to believe that you are on your way to Valhalla!


This is the power of clothes, why we love them and hate them. They create an energy around us. Clothes are an extension of our inner selves. Every Minx knows that they are not a simple one dimensional self, they are multi layered. A well built wardrobe expresses all of your sides. Don’t let your work self suffer from hastily chosen or safe options for the office. Let this winter be the time you consciously choose how to let your work wear strategically help mold your professional look. Carefully explore how presenting the true you in the office you can positively change your work experience!


Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Fuschia Jacket, Minx- $111
Tate Crop Top, Wells Grace- $53
Ramone Cropped Pants, Gentle Fawn– $90
Intaglio Earrings, Extasia – $73
Vintage Chain and Pearl Necklace, Serefina – $92
Pumps, Dolce Vita – Model’s Own

Big thanks to our newest contributor Amelia Brommer for the post, Paola Nazati Photography for the images, and Meagan for modeling!

Billie Bustier Maxi Dress – Now available at MinxAsheville.com

Billie Bustier Dress in Cobalt

Try this: wearing a beautiful maxi dress just because.

Sure, this cobalt stunner would be the perfect thing to wear to almost any wedding you will be attending this season or to rock on a fancy night out.

But you don’t have to wait for the perfect occasion to wear a beautiful dress.

Cobalt Maxi Dress by Dra

You’ve head the saying, “you can never be over-dressed,” right? If you love something and want to wear it to the grocery store or just out and about, who’s to stop you?!

Billie Bustier Maxi Dress in Cobalt

The simplicity of this bold, beautiful cobalt dress lends well to its versatility. Remember that Articles of Society Denim Vest from Wednesday’s post?

Pop that bad boy on this fancy girl and get some messy braids going for a totally cool, everyday look.

Or style it up like we’ve done on Grace here with a DIY flower crown, art deco earrings and a candy colored wrap bracelet for a bit more formal of a presentation.

The cobalt blue hue is very “right now,” and the sweetheart neckline is flattering on almost any figure. But nothing about it is too trendy in a way that you couldn’t get away with wearing it anytime in the future.


The Billie Bustier Dress is available in our online boutique.

The earrings and shoes can be found in our downtown Asheville dress shop.

Billie Bustier Maxi Dress in Cobalt – $153
Wrap Candy Bracelet, Serefina – $40
Art Deco Coral Glass Bead and Hoop Earrings, Verdier – $75
Pinko Heels in Sandalwood, Dolce Vita – $114

Billie Bustier Maxi Dress in Cobalt - Dra

For another idea for a fun, summer, strapless maxi dresses, check out our Sundial Maxi Dress online.

Thanks to Hickory Nut Gap Farm, Grace for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography. We are so lucky to have such a talented photographer as Paola taking beautiful pictures like these! Didn’t she do a fantastic job on this shoot?

level_99_denim_dress-3level_99_denim_dress-4 level_99_denim_dress-2

A denim shirt dress is so easy to throw on and get out the door in. We love how the Mina Dress by Level 99 has tuxedo shirt, pintucked detailing and her swingy fit is super forgiving for any figure. Stop by the shop and give this darling a try!

Mina Denim Dress, Level 99 – $123
Beaded Collar in Moss – $40
Bracelet, Eric and Mike – $40
Magnetic Bracelet, Serefina – $75
Feline Sunnies in Tortoise, AJ Morgan – $12
Suzanne Debutant Clogs, Swedish Hasbeens – $103

Browse our sunglasses online.

This outfit is available in our downtown boutique.

Thanks to Grace for modeling, Kim’s Farm, and Paola Nazati Photography.

It’s been said that our staff here at Minx are some of the most stylish women in Asheville. So, we thought we’d begin a new segment of posts where we’ll highlight some of these fancy ladies, starting with our darling Floor Manager, Katherin. We asked her to tell us about the outfit that she wore to work in the photos above and here’s what she had to say:

Eyeoto Dress: Cheap Monday is one of my favorite brands! I fell in love with the minimalistic approach to this hunter green beauty! I like how the side panel can be worn around the neck as a chic, monochromatic look. I wanted to try it first with two necklaces that are in heavy rotation for me.

Serefina Necklace: vintage chain, longer necklace, it’s substantial and grounding.

Tiffany Kunz Necklace: made from reclaimed bronze… this makes me happy – my fancy bow tie.

Frye Sabrina Lace-Ups: I am a huge Frye fan! I love the rugged versatility and sleek feminine heel. They’re my go-to boots for wintery, Asheville weather. I have a feeling my dresses will get to know these quite well 🙂

Sheila Fajl Cocktail Ring: I had to have this S.F. ring because of the cut-out star setting alone! I love popping it on with jeans and a tee. It gets a LOT of LOVE!

Thanks Katherin! We still have sizes Small-Large available of the Eyeoto Dress in our Online Store. The boots are completely sold-out (but we can special order them upon request) and we’re still stocked with lovely adornments from Serefina. Be sure to tell KK how cute she is on the blog the next time you see her!