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Shift to Black

When in doubt, shifting back to those neutral tones and classic silhouettes can feel like the warm hug of familiarity and comfort! When using a neutral color pallet, feel free to experiment with new and different shapes and styles without feeling like you’re jumping too far out of the familiar. We fell in love with these square-toed slingback mules from Intentionally Blank, and while we no longer have them in store, this style is totally worth trying out! As much as we love trying new trends and styles, we appreciate Neuw Denim for keeping those classic looks in mind and we are thrilled to be getting more + more in the store from them (so keep your eyes peeled!)


Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Kimono Dress, Neuw – $95
Honcho Mules, Intentionally Blank – $229
Earrings – $40
Necklace, NY Jewelry – $18

Thanks to Ellen for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

exclamation point

Let me RAVE about our colorful Spanx for a second.  Not only do they offer shaping with built-in “power panties,” but because of the aforementioned fact… they don’t slip down!  You wont be yanking on your stockings all winter and I can’t tell you how fantastic that is.  Also, who couldn’t use a little smoothing under all those wintry layers?  Try them for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.  They’re super opaque, or covered in really cool patterns and we even have a pair of reversible ones.  Black on one side, grey on the other.  I’ll stop now.

But did you get a look at our smashing new shoes?  All comfy, all cool, and the perfect exclamation point to your colorful collection of tights. 😉

crown blue opaque tight-end tights, SPANX – $26
“in with the new” heels in navy, Seychelles – $93
black suede ruffle pumps, Jon Josef – $138
bloom lace tight-end tights, SPANX – $28
Bailey suede lace-up ankle boots, DV shoes – $81
spice opaque tight-end tights, SPANX – $26

Photography by Jameykay Young.

Preloved Love

This is one of my favorite new arrivals from Preloved.  Among short-sleeved sweaters, a skirt, and jackets we got in three one-of-a-kind strapless dresses, each handmade with recycled upholstery fabric bodices, windbreaker skirts and lined with bed sheets.  I love the modern cut of the skirt, very geometrical, and with pockets!  Now where’s that garden party?

one-of-a-kind Preloved dress, $221. peep-toed Frye heels, $151.  dainty AK Vintage necklace, $77

The two other Preloved dresses:

Signs of Life

It’s feeling like winter will never end.  I’m tired of wearing clothing for it’s mere function over fun and feel like I don’t even want to try and put together any more cute and cozy outfits.  I keep reminding myself to just be patient and buy pretty shoes and necklaces until the days get longer.  Please spring come soon!

Seychelles heels: $93 (available in blue, mustard and black), necklaces by David Aubrey: left $77 semiprecious stones, lilly of the valley cameo with brass findings, right $75 vintage glass beads, semiprecious stones with brass findings