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Pretty in Mink Pink

As the winter chill unpredictably creeps in,  find clever ways to layer up without loading yourself down. Nobody likes to walk into the room and have to hold onto stacks of outer layers that are no longer necessary in heated space. Find a long sleeve crop top or your favorite sweater, and throw it on top of a dress to add some warmth without sacrificing your shape and silhouette. And when winter settles in for the season, say ‘good-bye’ to bare legs and seamlessly introduce some tights into this look.


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Puzzling Twist Midi Dress, Mink Pink – $109
Makers of Dreams Tie Crop-Top, Final Touch – $44
Native, Seychelles – $123
Tino (Hat), Bailey – $63
Ring, Roost  – $30

Thanks to Breigh for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

One Chatty Dress

Here at Minx, we love to play dress up. There’s just something about putting on a dress that makes you feel so…together. Another thing we love? Interesting conversations! And this piece has a lot to say.
Basket Weave Dress Basket Weave Dress With a fitted bodice, pleated skirt, halter top, AND stretchy material to boot- it’s quite the combination, but never comes across as trying too hard. Basket Weave Dress Basket Weave Dress The Corrugated Comb dress boasts several traits that combine to make it uniquely beautiful…much like the Minx woman! What traits define you?

Josie’s dress and earrings are available on our online store. Come try the shoes on in our brick and mortar store!

Corrugated Comb Dress $47
Lady Beetle Earrings $12
Remix black and ivory “Lillie” $185