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Floral Print, ADA Belts, and Mani Designs

It’s Spring right? No, wait it’s snowing out! Oh well: when the world won’t bring a Minx flowers a Minx will have to bring flowers to the world! It’s true that delicate petals will freeze and wither during the winter months. Even flowers reproduced in fabric designs and prints can seem pale and out of place amongst the leather and wool landscape of February.

Still, that hopeful longing for Spring has crept into our bones. We are on a mission for blooming, leafy fashion. We have found some hearty varieties of botanical inspired adornment that can withstand the dim light of the low winter sun, and strengthen our hearts with the promise of Spring!

Ada Obi Wrap BeltThis floral dress can stand up to a winter debut because of its deep blue background, and rich texture of fabric and pattern. These elements ground it within the winter season. The pleating at the neck gives it a depth and weight that adds a complementary juxtaposition with the fun and flirty skirt length. To finish off the look pair this floral gem with a cardigan, a wrap belt, and your favorite Mani Design studs!

Have you met Mani Designs?

If you want to add some more botanical elements to your pre-Spring look there is no better place than local designer Amber Mahler’s jewelry line. Originally from California, Mahler has studied the local flora of Western North Carolina with a true artist’s passion. All the designs are cast from natural forms found on the designers walks. Her botanical collection is comprised of everything from blueberries to flowers to delicate sticks. These small wonders from nature are then cast in silver and gold plated silver to create jewelry straight out of collective imagination of the realm of fairy tales.

Mani Designs

Don’t Forget to Add an ADA Wrap Belt

Our perfect finishing touch is the tried and true ADA wrap belt! With one deft motion of donning a belt and cinching it snugly at the natural waist you can instantly add style and texture to any outfit. Around Minx, ADA Belts are a styling staple. If you’ve been following us, our love for ADA wrap belts is obvious- just check out this post for proof!

Why ADA? The ADA wrap belt line offers a spectacular selection of vividly dyed leathers and unmatched versatility. Tie them into a bow, a rosette, a sailors knot- with ADA, the options are limitless! Besides just beautiful, these belts boast fantastic craftsmanship- each belt is cut from the highest quality Argentine leather. They are supple and soft enough to hug your curves all day!

Ada Obi Wrap BeltAda Obi Wrap Belt

Already an ADA fan? Check out this fantastic How-To video for more styling tips and tricks!

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Metallic Open Cardigan, Tulle
Pleated Floral Dress, Tulle – $77
Purslane Studs, Mani Designs – $98
Fringe Soga Wrap Belt, Ada – $62 (online and in-store)
Pumps, Dolce Vita – Model’s Own

Big thanks to our newest contributor Amelia Brommer for the post, Paola Nazati Photography for the images, Battery Park Book Exchange for the location, and Meagan for modeling!

Suit Up in Our Favorite Work Wear

What to Wear to Work

There are two great times during the calender year in which to slip into a new self: early fall (ingrained in our psyche from years of first days of school) and January (the start of the new year.)

As 2014 wrapped up so did many work and school projects. Now with the holidays behind us many of us find ourselves on unbroken ground. What is the next step and, as we prepare to take it, how shall we present ourselves?

Business Attire for Women


It’s hard not to look towards media for inspirations for our wardrobes now and then. This is a brilliant idea for any Minx stuck in a rut or any Minx looking to shake their style up a bit.

This outfit gives a hearty nod to both the Madmen era of office wear, with this fabulous bright pink jacket, and to the 9 to 5 era, with the deep blue blouse and black tailored trousers. All offices are different and business attire comes in many different styles, but what Minx wouldn’t love to channel Joan or Dolly while choosing what to wear to work?


Office Wear as a Functional Costume

Sometimes we need a suit of armor before we go out into the world. When the stakes are raised, as they are when our professional or academic persona is on display, then the need for a impenetrable suit of armor is in even higher demand than usual.


Pretend for a moment, if you will, that you have been cast in a play as Valkyrie. Imagine striding out onto stage, lights blaring in your eyes. A wall of hidden critics just on the other side of the curtain of blackness that hides the audience form view. “Be a Valkyrie” is your only direction, but you are in your normal cloths and you feel nothing like a Valkyrie. Now mentally dawn your Valkyrie costume: busty full length dress, braids as thick as your wrist hanging down to your waist, and a great horned hat. The hat is so heavy with metal and horns that you must walk erect just to keep from collapsing under its weight. Add a spear and shield and suddenly it is perfectly easy to believe that you are on your way to Valhalla!


This is the power of clothes, why we love them and hate them. They create an energy around us. Clothes are an extension of our inner selves. Every Minx knows that they are not a simple one dimensional self, they are multi layered. A well built wardrobe expresses all of your sides. Don’t let your work self suffer from hastily chosen or safe options for the office. Let this winter be the time you consciously choose how to let your work wear strategically help mold your professional look. Carefully explore how presenting the true you in the office you can positively change your work experience!


Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Fuschia Jacket, Minx- $111
Tate Crop Top, Wells Grace- $53
Ramone Cropped Pants, Gentle Fawn– $90
Intaglio Earrings, Extasia – $73
Vintage Chain and Pearl Necklace, Serefina – $92
Pumps, Dolce Vita – Model’s Own

Big thanks to our newest contributor Amelia Brommer for the post, Paola Nazati Photography for the images, and Meagan for modeling!

Beat the Blues in Winter Pastels

Winter Trend: Pastels

Pastels have been creeping into hair color trends for a several years. Most of you have noted the soft shades of pink and purples, reminiscent of Easter and macaroons, in the locks of the bolder fashionistas and school girls alike.

The quality is dreamlike. Even though it is playing on fashion forward trends, it creates a beautiful hand tinted photographic effect that feels nostalgic. However, regardless of how beautiful pastel hair might be in theory, it does not always translate to a wearable look for many women, whether it’s due to comfort zones of personal style and practical reasons such as workplace dress code. Thankfully, winter 2015 fashion trends have a huge pastel component. Now the eye catching shades will be worn in pastel clothing!

Pink Trousers

How to Wear Pastels

Pastels can be incorporated into the whole outfit, utilizing layering and really having fun with playing up different tones and shades. On one hand, one could really forget themself within this trend and end up playing out a childhood fantasy of an updated Care Bears meets My Little Pony. But being a Minx, they also could embrace this trend in a slightly more grown up manner.

For a more understated look, choose one item of clothing from your ensemble to be pastel, as we have done here with the pale pink trousers. Instead of playing on layering different pinks, we chose to finish the outfit off with soft greys and neutrals. The grey of the blouse and the soft neutral of the Subtle Luxury sweater give the look a romantic feel. The pastel trousers are integral, but not overwhelming.blush_trouser-1

Winter Trends for Women

January is the perfect time to try out new silhouettes as the year transitions away from the holiday season and sets its sights on the Spring. If a wide trouser is too much volume, try a voluminous top. The draping of a Subtle Luxury sweater is unsurpassed. The soft cashmere is luxurious! It is truly a practical item to incorporate into 2015 closet for it will keep you on trend and warm.

Subtle Luxury Cashmere Sweater

Accessories your Pastel Clothing

If you are really in love with the pastel color palate you may be tempted to embrace it both in your wardrobe as well as in your jewelry collection. Here we have opted for a more toned down look, again going with pale, natural tones for our large beaded statement necklace.

31  Bits Necklacce

The Play Between Pastels and Texture

One of the nicest qualities of an article of clothing that is a lighter hue is the way pale color helps the texture to pop. The lace of the blouse, the ribbing of the sweater, the pleats of the trousers, all of these details are as visible as they are because of this visual phenomenon. The same outfit in black would absorb light and come off as shapeless.

As you have began to play with bringing pastels into your winter 2015 fashion keep an eye on how you can play with texture!

Parts of this look are available online, the rest can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique!

The Scalloped Edge Crop Top– $45
Cashmere Cocoon Cardi in Barley, Subtle Luxury– $225
Beaming Sky Necklace, 31 Bits  – $42
Gold Anaconda Ring, Marcia Moran– $86
Perfectly Pink Wide Leg Trousers,– $67
Penthouse Pumps, BC  – $62

Big thanks The Battery Park Book Exchange for the lovely location, our new blog writer Amelia Brommer, Hillary for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.