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Post Up

We recognize that your news feed is being saturated with music festival outfits – but we would be doing summer a massive injustice without honoring this popular warm-weather activity. Whether you’re camping over a long weekend or just stopping by for the night, two things remains constant: comfort and trendy! This linen shift dress from Loveriche nails it! The pattern is eye catching without too many bells and whistles getting in the way of your free range of motion for grass-stomping and hula-hooping. While its easy to think that summer music fests are a bralette and high-waisted shorts only-zone: we absolutely beg to differ. Shift dresses are perfect because they’re cool in the hot weather and take no time to toss on with your favorite pair of sneakers or sandals. 100% would recommend.





Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Linen Shift Dress, Loveriche – $57
“Palmera” Necklace, Sibilia – $154
Sneakers, model’s own

Thanks to Breigh for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and East West Vintage Rentals for the perfect backdrop.

Follow Suit

Have you ever seen an outfit and immediately Rihanna comes on in your mind singing, “where have you been all my li-li-li-life?!” Because this is it for us. This top + bottom set from Very J encompasses everything we are loving this summer: resort-wear, tropical patterns, two-piece set, bow detail. Its got it all! Sometimes rompers can be tough in the summer and doesn’t always work for every body type and proportions. A two-piece set is a great alternative with similar vibes. Not feeling the sneakers? This would pair perfectly with gladiator sandals, or slip on flats. We recommend keeping the shoes and accessories minimal so that this set can shine! So when you think to yourself, W.W.R.D (What Would Rihanna Do?), she would most definitely get her hands on this set.








Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Tropical Top, Very J – $41
Tropical Shorts, Very J – $41
Sneakers, model’s own

Thanks to Chase for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Tunnel Vision

The sneakers + dress trend: we officially are OBSESSED! This combo is perfect for summer and getting you from place to place without a lot of fuss. It appears that the “athleisure” trend is here to stay and while that doesn’t always translate to working at a boutique, for us this means finding ways to incorporate casual/athletic pieces with dresses and boutique fashion. This Paige dress perfectly fits into this trend. And we love simply changing up your shoes can create an entirely different vibe without having to put forth a lot of effort. Effortless is what we’re going for here. Have a dress you love and feel like it’s only good for weddings? Throw that on and pair it with your worn out sneakers, ankle socks, a denim jacket, some lapel pins and a backwards baseball cap and you are good-to-go! There’s your look. Have you experimented with the athleisure trend? We hope its here to stay!












Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

“Lexine” Dress, Paige – $271
Sunglasses – $12
Sneakers, model’s own
“Radical” Sandals, Seychelles – $123

Thanks to Breigh for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Need to Switch Things Up? Check Out Our Favorite Date Spots in Asheville

The tradition of sending “Valentines” is in fact a very old one. It seems to have arisen from the belief that birds begin to pair off on February 14th, which happens to be the feast day for St. Valentine.

The celebration of birds finding one another! That’s what it’s all about: the charged space between two creatures and what will come of that charge.

Perhaps the feeling of love and connection, of seeing and being seen by another person, is rarer than we would like it to be. But does this have to be true? No! We can embrace love and connection this year!

We at Minx want to challenge you to fill your heart with Valentines this year. Perhaps you are single or your significant other is just not the celebrating Valentines day type: fine, but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the celebration of love birds this year! You can still find a connection. We have compiled our short list of romantic things to do in Asheville NC. We would like to expand the idea of a date to incorporate not only the traditional romantic date, but also to include treating yourself to some precious alone time, and to the elevation of the friend date! Our fun date ideas are versatile and inspiring. We suggest trying them all!

The Lazy Diamond

Our lovely Katherin’s favorite cocktail? The Cisco Pike from The Lazy Diamond!

Taking Yourself Out

If you enjoy making time for you and you alone, there is no better night out then the Fine Arts Theater/French Broad Chocolate Lounge solo date. The Fine Arts Theater, in downtown Asheville, is a beautiful and cozy theater that not only offers an ever changing list of exceptional films, but also offers up a great selection of upscale concessions. After your film is over, stroll up the street to the Chocolate Lounge’s new location on Pack Square. There you can choose from any number of chocolatey treats. We recommend the maple and sea salt hot chocolate. It tastes like you’re making out with Captain Ahab!

Delighting In The Romance of Friendship

Maybe this is the year of the friend’s Valentines. Perhaps Fifty Shades of Grey, in theaters next weeks, is really better suited to a night out with friends then a romantic date. We also love the Battery Park Book Exchange for an intimate and comfortable place to gather with friends. They have a long wine list, are dog friendly, and have created a very inviting space for conversation. But the shelves of books surrounding each sitting area is reason alone to make it one of our favorite meeting places.

The Best Bars in Asheville

The Lazy Diamond

Asheville boasts a wide variety of excellent bars. MG Road, Imperial Life and the Double Crown all make our short list. But, right now we have a new darling: The Lazy Diamond. There is nothing better in life then a good dive bar. The Double Crown, and now its’ new sister bar, The Lazy Diamond, are the dive bars of ours fantasies.

The Lazy Diamond

Very simply: they are bars where happy people go to have a good time. The interior of the Lazy Diamond balances a rich vibrancy with a dark and intriguing edge. The ceiling over the bar is covered in old band flyers which connects the new venue with the long history that the owners, bartenders and patrons have with Asheville’s music and cultural scene.


It affords all the desirable amenities that one would want from a bar: music, dancing space, booths for intimate conversations and a long solid bar that it is a pleasure to sit at! So come bathe in the glow of the sparkling Christmas lights, have a cocktail and open yourself to magical time of year when birds pair off!


The Lazy Diamond can be found at 98-A N. Lexington Ave/ Asheville/NC 28801. Check them out on Facebook!

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of  Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Chris Bower and Jamie Hepler for facilitating, and The Lazy Diamond for the gorgeous location! 

Gorgeously Gothic in Plenty by Tracy Reese

VTK_4921 tracy_reece_dress VTK_4750VTK_4852With a look this stunning, what else is there to say?

Gold Accent Pleated Maxi, Plenty by Tracy Reese– $181
Cindy Lace Pullover, Line & Dot (online) – $91
Horn Pendant (hand carved from fossilized Mammoth tusk), Extasia – $170
Playtime Slingbacks in Gold, Seychelles  – $92

Most of this outfit is available in our downtown boutique. The lace top is available online.

Big thanks to The Crow and Quill, the most beautifully haunting bar on Lexington and  to Grace for modeling, and, of course, Paola Nazati Photography.

Paige Printed Jeans These pieces are available in our downtown boutique.

Verdugo Printed Jeans in Firecracker, Paige – $237
Verdugo Printed Jeans in Studded Geo, Paige  – $237
The Softest Long Sleeve Tees (with thumb-holes!), Able – $31
Love Story Cross Body Bag in Jungle, Tano – $159

Thanks to Paola Nazati Photography.