Mod Mini Dress for a Mid-Week Pick Me Up

Purple Shift Dress Purple Mod Shift Dress Zip Up Shift Dress Purple Shift Dress and Gidigios purple_shift_dress-10

Shop the dress in our online store (use code: BONVOYAGE to take 50% off sitewide!) & the rest in our downtown boutique!  You can find the sunglasses at our favorite store for frames, L’optique! 

Oh My Mod! Shift Dress, Minx – Was $44, now $22
Ice Cold Statement Necklace, Minx-  $18
Pink Shades, Anne Et Valentin- available at L’optique
Pink “Twist Souffle” Booties, Gidigio- $301

Thanks to Sarah Jane for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!