The New Urban Uniform

Mykita Titanium Frames Mechanic Romper and Sendra Booties Mechanic Romper Sendra Boots Mechanic  RomperSendra Boots and Eddie Eddie

Shop the romper in our online store and the jewelry and boots are in our downtown boutique!  You can find the sunglasses at our favorite store for frames, L’optique! 

Mechanic Romper, The Hanger – $63
Fools Gold Necklace, Palola Designs
Bomb Handmade Boots , Sendra – Were $431, Now $258.60!
Titanium Frames, Mykita- available at L’optique
Eddie the Schnoodle, available to visit in-store!

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!