3 Must Have Pieces for a Fairytale Wardrobe


With Spring Comes Fashions Wishes Great and Small

If you could have one fashion wish granted, what would it be?

Ultimately, we think it is an interesting question to pose: if you could dress any way (if lifestyle, budget, and time were not constricting factors) how would that be? Would it be cool and edgy, floral and feminine, clean and sophisticated?

On our sales floor, here at Minx, that is what we are committed to doing, helping each and every customer who walks through our door to build on their own personal look in their own way.


How to Find and Own Your Look

How does a Minx pinpoint the essence of the look that they are after? Sometimes it’s hard to discern if the look is made by the silhouette, the color, the fabric, the tailoring, or a paring of these elements.

Spring is the perfect time to get excited about clothes again. Here are a few thoughts on how to break down a look and achieve it for yourself.


Fairy God Mother or Simplification?

Our look for today is one straight from the Fashion Fairy’s bag of tricks. No-fuss and huge impact. It is both brilliant and effortless and one of the main reasons for this is that it is only composed of 3 items: the Metallic Shift Dress, the Black Blazer and the Matisse Folk Shoes.

Only 3 items and yet this outfit speaks volumes. This is a look that is chic, sophisticated, clean, cool, feminine and edgy.


The Magical Qualities of the Blazer

Not all blazers are made equal, nor do they say the same thing. But if you can find the right one and incorporate it into your wardrobe almost any outfit can be magically lifted to the status of professional, evening and edgy, simply by donning it.

This Black Blazer is crisp and feminine with a shorter arm and a perfect shoulder fit. This is just the jacket to proclaim that business and fun can happen simultaneously.


Must Have Item: The Metallic Shift Dress

The Metallic Shift Dress has something of the 1960’s silver and gold lame about it. The pattern is decorative and flattering. This is a dress to make you feel truly special again and again.


The Perfect Bootie, Night or Day

The Matisse Folk Shoes create a practical and fashionable look that states “Yes, I can walk all over town for hours on end, from bar, to show, to party and never lose my balance or my cool factor!”

These shoes are a great item to help build any Minx’s wardrobe. They are so versatile: jeans, dresses, work, play, they can take you through it all!


Makeup and Jewelry

To really push your evening look to the next level, go red. Nothing ever has, or will, define a mouth like red lips. Be bold, have fun and own the color in whatever shade suits you best. Everyone can wear a red lip.

Try it tonight and add a chunky gold necklace to insure that the pavement and lights aren’t the only things sparkling into the wee hours.

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Metallic Shift Dress, Beautifully – $69
Cropped Sleeve Blazer, The Hanger – $66
Golden Statement Necklace, Minx – $18
Folk Open Toe Booties, Matisse – $159

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Breigh for coming back to model!