Little Red Maxi Dress

Usually you associate dreamlands with clouds, but our fairytale has brought us to a mystical forest this Friday. Don’t worry… we aren’t scared of the Big Bad Wolf!
Gingham Dress

This Little Red Riding Hood  Maxi Dress is the perfect mix of elegant and casual. And paired with this cream sweater, it’s versatile too. Whether frolicking through the woods, or taking an enchanted walk around downtown– Grace is ready for all of life’s adventures. Gingham Dress Gingham Dress As we’ve said before, don’t be afraid to challenge the conventional. Big rubber boots, and a high slit dress? This Minx loves them together! The pairing is perfectly unexpected. Gingham Dress

“What a big necklace you have!” “All the better to accessorize with” said the Minx.

This look is available entirely in our downtown Asheville Boutique.

Line & Dot Red Plaid Dress – $131
Comme Toi Solid Knit Sweater – $51
Elephant Chain Necklace – $157
Square Chain Bracelet – $181
Hunter Rain Boots – model’s own (come check out our Women’s Wellies)

Thanks to Grace for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.


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