An Evening Treat

Here at MinxHQ, we love summer evenings. The temperature is just right outside- not too hot, and not too cold (…we totally get you Goldilocks). This particular summer evening in Asheville was made that much sweeter at our shoot in front of The Hopย Ice Cream Parlor!

Skater Dress

Skater Dress The Hop is a great way to get your sweets fix for a reasonable price…which pretty sums up how we feel about this ensemble on Josie! This darling crop-top, dress, AND necklace combined are under $70.00!Skater Dress Skater Dress

Like the ice cream, we’re finding this sweet look pretty irresistible…

Josie’sย look is available entirely on the online store:

My Best Friend’s a Skater Dress $23
What It’s All About Necklace $16
Minnie Dot Crop Top $27
Florence Sandals in Teal $57