Best of our Boards: Watercolor Blues

Watercolor Blues

*Clockwise from left

1. Margaritas are a standard favorite in the office, but we love a little twist on the usual! This blue cocktail will have you feeling anything but! From Better Homes and Gardens.

2. Using 100% natural and sustainable fabrics, CP Shades makes simple and elegant clothing in lots of colors. Find more product details from this amazing company here- from CP Shades.

3. We don’t know any blue people, so we decided the next best thing was “blues” genre music! And with all the rain lately…this classic song came to mind. Bill Withers “Ain’t no Sunshine” from YouTube.

4. “The love of blue is instinctual because we see so much of it in the sky, says designer Elaine Griffin.” Check out these pretty watercolor blue paint hues for your next DYI project. From Better Homes and Gardens.

5. What would we do without the EVER life changing Buzzfeed list series? This one highlights some of the coolest tattoos we’ve ever seen…no commitment necessary. “15 Incredible artists who will change your mind about temporary tattoos.” From Buzzfeed.

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