Now at Minx: Busayo

Busayo Skirt

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Deco Drop Pendant in Papaya

If you’ve been into our shop on Lexington lately, you’ve probably noticed Busayo’s vivid African prints livening up our racks and surfaces. We’re in love with the whole collection, which comes as no surprise since “Busayo” literally means, “addition to joy” in Yoruba. Taking one of these beautiful pieces home means you’re promoting an ethical production of garments made with fabric sourced from Southwestern Nigeria and tailored by professionals local to the region. Go ahead and indulge yourself or someone you love with a little piece of joy.

Most of this outfit is available exclusively in our downtown boutique.

Geometric African Print Skirt, Busayo – $141
Shrug Pocket Blouse in Goldenrod – $21
Mosaic Dixon Platforms in Black, Coclico – $330
Deco Drop Pendant in Papaya (online only) – $22

Thanks to Hanah for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.