Online Love: our Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress

Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress

Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress

A midi tank dress with a fabulous print for $47… what’s not to love?! We’ve paired our Marrakesh Tank Dress with one of our favorite pieces from David Aubrey and an indispensable leather wrap belt by ADA. But the great thing about black and white dresses is how easy they are to change-up, wear-to-wear, by just swapping accent colors.

Most of this outfit is available in our online store.

Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress – $47
Leather Wrap Belt in Truffle, ADA – $77
Green and Taupe Statement Necklace, David Aubrey (in-store only) – $92
Nelly Two-Tone Heels in Beige/Lavender – $62

Thanks to Grace for modeling; Asha, for letting us shoot in her rad house; and Paola Nazati Photography.