Long Lovely

Some summer days the only thing you feel like wearing is a big, light, flowing maxi dress… and why shouldn’t you!?  Come snatch up this long lovely before we’re all out of your size. We have three additional prints to choose from if this one isn’t your cup of tea (or if you have to have more than one!).

big floral maxi dress in blue/peach, Lani – $78
rose dust slouchy cardigan, Tulle – $70
coral drop hoops, Palola (local) – $46
London platform wedge in brown, Matiko – $159
little gold feather necklace, Chibi – $48

Photography by Paola Nazati.

One thought on “Long Lovely

  1. Shannon Nash

    ok two reasons I have to have this dress… 1: its just beautiful!! 2: Lani is my daughter’s nickname! How do I go about getting it? I live in Maryland and what size does it go up to?

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