Spain for the summer.

Convertible pieces like this circle skirt from Butter by Nadia are perfect for taking on trips! Wear Butter’s skirt like Sierra here, or fold it over at the waist to make it a bit shorter, pull it up to make it either a knee-length (unfolded) or shorter strapless dress (folded over at the bust).  Tuck-in souvenir tees or pull-on a denim jacket for endless versatility.  You’ll be happy to have a lighter suitcase and more room to fill it up while you’re there.  Viajes felices!

convertible circle skirt in pin red, Butter by Nadia – $206
yellow tee, Piko, $23
camisole in buff, Nikibiki – $22
handmade brass necklace, Seaworthy – $70
London wedge in brown, Matiko – $159
red leather woven strap shoulder bag, Tano – $219

Special thanks to our guest model, Sierra Hawthorne and Paola Nazati, photography.