New Bohemian

Here’s another one of those “wear everything you love” outfits.  This lace skirt by Darling is your new, multi-functional, suits-so-many-occasions skirt, the Frye heels (though almost sold out) are our new go-to shoes, Alternative’s fine striped tee is just-so summery, and the layered necklaces could be the only three you’ll need for a long summer of cute outfits.

striped cap-sleeve tee, Alternative – $48
grey lace skirt, Darling – $130
long gold and vintage turquoise enameled chain, Verdier – $81
African trade beads necklace, Butik – $66
heart shaped locket, Verdier – $44
Cora ankle strap heels, Frye – $211
lightning tote with leather straps, FluffyCo – $62

Hair styling by Rae Whitlock at Studio Chavarria.  Photography by Paola Nazati.