Local Fashionistas: Rebecca Ashburn

I recently caught up with one of our first and most-devoted shoppers and good friend, Rebecca Ashburn.  She and her husband own and operate the tattoo and piercing parlor Liquid Dragon in the courtyard next door to us.  She pierces, he tattoos. We love having such cool, stylish, and genuinely nice neighbors.  If you’re a Lexington Ave regular, you’re sure to have noticed Rebecca classing up our street in one covetable ensemble or another.    She is one of our favorite people.

Here is our Q&A with Rebecca.  Photography by Paola Nazati.

Where are you from?  I am from the small town of Laona in northern Wisconsin.

What led you to Asheville?  Living in a small town proved itself to be difficult when I was a person who had my own opinions, ideas, and a passion to wear something other than boess jeans and shaker sweaters.  I had a couple of friends living here so I hopped a bus my senior year of high school and woke up in Asheville.

Describe your style.  My style? Quirky, fun, lots of sweaters and fitted jackets, and things that make me smile.

Magazines or blogs that you read?  Lucky is my favorite magazine and Minx’s is the only blog that I follow.

Favorite music?  I like many kinds of music.  Old country like Patsy Cline or Glen Campbell, classic rock like Boston.  Punk, some death rock and maybe a little metal.  I think my CD player in my truck at the moment has Death in June, Violent Femmes, Cocteau Twins, Jenny & Johnny and Lynn Anderson (Christmas music) in it.

Current obsession?  A sold out pair of Frye boots exclusive to Anthropologie.

Three things you’re never without?  Lipstick, cash and a weapon or two.  A girl has to be able to take care of herself, and look good doing it.

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands? Definitely Frye and Trashy Diva, but mostly I cut out tags and have no idea who or what I wear, I just know where it was purchased.  When it comes to jewelry I love to support local artists.

Style icon?  Zooey Deschanel. I always love how she looks and dresses.

On your wishlist?  A beautiful Lockheart bag.

Favorite local activity? Shopping and dining downtown, LaZoom, hanging out with my family and catching a good movie.

Last/fave Minx purchase? Red Engine high-waisted jeans!

Thanks Rebecca!

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