Local Fashionistas: Leila Amiri

Asheville has no shortage of stylish, cool girls and our latest “Local Fashionista,” Leila happens to be super-sweet, and uber-creative to boot. Paola and I caught up with her at her adorable house near downtown.  We had tea and talked about fashion, cinema and our common love of Frye Oxfords.  Read our interview below.

Where are you from?  Never entirely sure how to answer this question. I grew up in South Jersey, attended high school in Jacksonville, Florida, lived in Philadelphia for college, and then moved to Asheville.

What led you to Asheville?  My best friend moved to Asheville for college. I visited her several times and really took to the place. It was during those visits that I met Mark, my sweetheart. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have anything to do with him.

Occupation?  Artist/Server

Describe your style.  Gold, high-waisted everything and shirts tucked in.  Mark upon hearing about this feature, “So they want to know more about you dressing like a mom?”

Magazines or blogs that you read?  Blogs: The Sartorialist, The Style Rookie (Tavi’s blog), Gretchen Jones, The Man Repeller  / Magazines: Tokion, The New Yorker, Cabinet, Nylon, Vogue

Favorite music?  Palace Brothers (anything that has anything to do with Will Oldham), The Replacements, REM, The Feelies.

Current obsession?  Dee Dee Ramone

Three things youʼre never without.  A watch, bobby pins, and cash.

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands?  A lot of my tops are thrifted. As for shoes, I like Frye, Doc Martens, and Hasbeens (though I don’t own a pair myself). I like Brahmin bags, Seiko watches, and Essie nail polish.

Style icons?  Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Debbie Harry

On your wish-list?  A pair of Swedish Hasbeens.

Favorite local activity?  Walking our dachshund, Igby, to Montford park in the morning.

Last/fave Minx purchase?  An ADA wrap belt.

Photography by Paola Nazati.

Update:  Leila, Mark and the pup have moved since this shoot to a house that I’m sure is equally as cute.