the Japanese Way to Fold a Tee

For you regular readers, it will come as no surprise that for me, Letitia, there is just as much joy in the care, cleaning and organizing of one’s clothing collection as there is in the wearing of it.

And since it’s summertime, I’ve been wearing my fair share of tees.  And wearing means washing.  And washing means folding.  And folding means wasting time on youtube watching various & sundry videos about the best way to fold anything.  And it was during one of these non-folding folding sessions that I came upon the japanese method of t-shirt folding.

If you already know how to do the “scoop fold”, the following link won’t give you any new info.  But for those of you unfamiliar with the method, prepare to learn the perfectly-folded-in-2-seconds japanese method.

More folding vids

Test it out at home with your Alternative Apparel tees or stop by the store for a demo from either myself or Katie.