New New Always Something New!

New shipments will be out as quickly as possible this week. It’s been a bit nutty around Minx these days (Hatchfest, my NYC/Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday party trip, Rebeccah’s fitness vacation, etc etc) and our schedule is all messed up!! So check in regularly for unannounced additions to our spring stock and unannounced additions, we hope, to your spring wardrobe! xoxo

Melissa Shoes – This sweet recycled rubber line has been a great summer staple for 2 years now. Our newest are a few colors in their vibrant thong sandal. Only $47 dollars… do the earth and yourself a favor and get a pair!


Kersh – I’m not sure how much of this I will get done by tomorrow but i’ll try!! Kersh, as you know, is our top notch knit wear line that we all love. This shipment was an interesting variety of printed dresses, drapey blouses (nude and black), knit tops, and really the list is just too long. Come get some light summer sweaters (I know… SUMMER sweaters! But seriously… the AC makes me shiver.) before they sell out.

Miss Me – This shipment is Mexico via a candy coated care bear. I really actually mean that in a good way. Lots of color, embroidery, ruffles… think off the shoulder tops, flirty tube dresses, applique blouses… etc etc. Also known as: perfect summer clothing.

Miss Me

Glam – The best printed frocks. Tried to find some pictures online… YOU try and google “glam dresses” and see what happens! ANYHOW. They are lovely and selling quite well… think color, pattern, short 60’s frocks.

Trinity – more of this lovely modern vintage. Beautiful mustard/lime tunics, spruce colored blouses, and candy apple green mini dresses. All very sweet and romantic.

London Sole – We have a few singles of the red flats Angi posted about and one pair of those in black. I’m quite confused about our lack of sizing actually. And a couple pairs of this STUNNING green shoe!

London Sole

PS – next week should bring us back to the regular shipment schedule. Out on Thursdays downtown and Fridays in west A.