Your Perfect Winter Wedding Look

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

The days are still growing shorter and the nights longer. In retaliation, we light candles and string up Christmas lights to keep the darkness at bay. This is the time of year that brings to mind Wendell Berry’s poem “To Know The Dark.” The first two lines read: To go in the dark with a light is to know the light. To know the dark, go dark. Often when we search for clothing for the holiday season we are looking to color to cheer us and help shepherd us towards the spring. However, sometimes we can find peace in accepting this darker time of year without it bringing us down. Sometimes the color black is the most serene and empowered choice that we can make in December.

Black Lace Gown

This black lace gown is a perfect pick for a black tie event, a special night out at the theater, or a formal winter wedding. You will strike a chord of drama without being too dramatic. Rather, you will stand out as classic and feminine with a hint of vintage Dior. The slim fit through the hips is amazingly flattering on multiple body types. This dress certainly does not run skimp on lace and grosgrain ribbon and has truly earned the title of gown.

Black Tie Wedding

It can be difficult to know what to wear to a wedding, any wedding, much less a black tie wedding. Often it is hard to find a gown conservative enough without being too conservative. The high neckline of this black lace dress helps set a formal tone while at the same time heightening the elegant effect that the deep scooped back creates. When a design comes along that celebrates the shoulder blades and spine deserves to be recognized.

What to Wear to  a Winter Wedding

Extasia Jewelry

The Extasia necklace completes our winter formal look. The Extasia line will be at home in every Minx’s jewelry box. This necklace is actually carved out of certified fossil ivory from ancient mammoth deposits: what? How is that possible? Who would know how to procure such fantasies? Extasia does and they have made a name for themselves by creating brilliant designs along this highly imaginative vein. This exquisite line blends classic jewelry design with current fashion trends and sets itself apart with its expert attention to craftsmanship.

Finally, we have rounded out our ensemble with a faux fur scarf for warmth and a luxurious nod towards the vixens of the silver screen.

Also, if you have started wondering what to wear on New Years Eve, one would look quite natural sipping champagne while wearing this black lace gown!

Extasia Jewelry

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Black Lace Gown, Rubber Ducky- $130
Carved Ivory Locket, Extasia- $165
Collie Wedges, Dolce Vita – $242
Faux Fur Stole, Fabulous Furs – $48

Big thanks to our newest contributor Amelia Brommer for the post, Paola Nazati Photography for the images, and Breanna for modeling!

Holiday Look, Part 4- What to Wear on Christmas Day

All the gifts have been made and/or bought, wrapped lovingly, and arranged beneath the tree. Your plans for your Christmas day party or dinner are in place. Your holiday season is coming together nicely. But what will you be wearing on Christmas day? Now is the time to plan your Christmas party outfit. We have taken elements from all of our favorite Christmas nostalgia, updated them for the modern Minx, and created a very simple yet effective look for Christmas day.

Christmas Outfit Part 1: The Tapestry Skirt

Blue Suede Shoes

This skirt is patterned in a beautiful design reminiscent of vintage wall paper or tapestry. The high waist keeps the silhouette feminine and classic, while the pleats add substance and movement. A skirt of this length and line often dictates the rest of the outfit, but there is plenty of room to make this look your own.

Christmas Outfit Part 2: The Blue Suede Shoes

The lines of a high waisted, below the knee skirt naturally sweep the eye from head to foot. So, it is highly advisable to wear an amazing pair of shoes like these blue suede pumps from Seychelles. The neutral palate of the skirt really open the doors for a pop of color from your footwear. If you choose these blue suede shoes, make sure that you have Elvis’s Christmas album on your turntable!

Christmas Day Outfits

Christmas Outfit Part 3: The Blouse and Jacket

Between the tapestry skirt and the blue suede shoes, this Christmas day outfit is already solid. A blouse is a beautifully feminine way to round out the look. If you need to pull something a little more edgy or understated into your outfit a simple jersey top would be a great choice. Either option goes well with our featured jacket. We chose the Brooklyn Jacket from Paige Denim. This painted denim jacket is a brilliant vegan alternative to a leather biker jacket.

What to Wear on Christmas Day Brooklyn Jacket Paige Denim

The Christmas Party Outfit vs. The New Years Eve Party Outfit

As you begin to pull together what to wear on Christmas day, don’t forget that New Years Eve is just around the corner! While the main elements of these two outfits will most likely be different, have fun brainstorming outfits that could both utilize a good pair of blue suede shoes and a painted denim jacket!

This look can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Fairytale Embroidered Blouse, THML– $62
Winter Tapestry Skirt, Champagne & Strawberries– $83
Brooklyn Jacket, Paige Denim – $255
Cameo Ring, Extasia – $84
Electrify Blue Suede Pumps, Seychelles  – $103

Big thanks to our new blog contributor, Amelia Brommer, Meagan for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.


Holiday Outfit, Part 3- Kerisma Sweaters for a Casual Occasion

Perfect Casual Holiday Party Look

Some days a Minx just has to sit down with a cup of tea, shut her eyes, and give in to the holiday excitement. Anticipating the holiday season is always fun! In the imagined rendering there is at least a foot of snow, Bing Crosby is singing on every street corner, and just over the hill dapple grey horses draw sleigh fulls of fur­wrapped party­goers away to eggnog stocked ballrooms. And while some of you might have an event calender that approximates this (well done you!) others may realize that these images only play out within the imaginary novel that lives within their minds.

For some, holiday parties will be more modest and Bing Crosby will only be singing on a vintage record of White Christmas. Perhaps, the full length embellished gowns of ones imagination will have to be put aside (at least for the time being) as holiday revelers go dashing straight from work to parties with no time for a wardrobe changes. For such days we at Minx know that what is needed is versatility and the ability to transition from day to night.

Kerisma Hampton Knit Wrap

Kerisma Sweaters

The Kerisma Sweater is a great choice for an easy and sophisticated look. They are functional yet special. Both the Kerisma Sweaters and Kerisma Scarves round out multiple looks by giving them an effortless appeal. This is why we love and are loyal to the Kerisma clothing line! You will feel equally at home shopping for last minute gifts, having brunch with out of town guests, and cozying up by the fire, as you will making your entrance into a holiday party.

Hampton Knit Wrap Kerisma Richie Sweater Kerisma

Kerisma Sweaters + the Perfect Pant = the Effortless Holiday Look

Here we have paired the Kerisma Sweater with the Diamond Dust Jumpsuit for the perfect casual holiday look that easily transitions from work to play. The jumpsuit is our elegant alternative to yoga pants as day wear. The lines of this jumpsuit hug and flatter the body without giving its every contour away.

Sparkle Jumpsuit Sparkle Jumpsuit

Seychelles Sanctuary Booties

Just before you enter your party exchange your day shoes for a more dramatic heel and add a long cameo pendant necklace to set the look apart. After you lay your trusty Kerisma Sweater on the coat pile atop your hosts bed, head out into your holiday party bathed in the subtle sparkle of your fabulous jumpsuit, and the confidence that not only are you beautiful, but clever as well!


Parts of this look are available online, the rest can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Diamond Dust Jumpsuit– $54
Richie Solid Top in Magenta, Kerisma– $69
Hampton Knit Wrap in Magenta, Kerisma – $54
Cameo Pendant, Extasia – $136
(Similar style available online)
Sanctuary Silver Booties, Seychelles  – $154

Big thanks to our new blog contributor, Amelia Brommer, Breanna for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.


Holiday Gift Guide: By Boe Is For Everyone On Your List

Still searching for the perfect gift?

As the holidays creep closer and closer, we’re driven, with increasing urgency, to find that perfect something for that someone we love so dearly. And sometimes, it’s obvious- your best friend wants a beautiful leather bag in a funky color. Presto! Baggu bag picked, check her off the list.

Other times, it can be a bit more difficult. Shopping for your future sister-in-law with intimidatingly sophisticated style? How about your cousin who you see twice a year & owns everything there is already? Now that can be a little trickier.

But never fear Minxies, we’ve got just the thing for you! In times like these, there is one name we always turn back to- By Boe.

By Boe Jewelry- What’s Not to Love?

Sleek, architectural, unique AND affordable, By Boe jewelry is the perfect answer for the question marks on your list.

By Boe Jewelry

Originally from Sweden, Annika Inez has been handcrafting her jewelry in New York since 2000. Constantly inspired from music, the natural world, and her design-centric upbringing, Inez creates pieces that are recognizable for their provocative and organic shapes. Her work is almost paradoxical: Impressive in its’ simplicity, but when the light is right, the hard edges come to life with a touch of shine and a punch that is anything but demure.

But why do we love By Boe?

Made from gold filled wire that feels lighter than air, By Boe pieces are delicate enough for the minimalist, but with the perfect shimmer, the unique shapes do not go unnoticed. They’re neutral enough for everyday wear, but they also pair perfectly with a festive frock. With different shapes and sizes available, these pieces are the perfect gift for any age. Give the smaller teardrops to your teenage niece we have a feeling she’ll be wearing them for a while!

It seems like we’re always accessorizing with By Boe! Check out all of our post featuring jewelry By Boe. Or, shop By Boe online! 

The featured earrings (above) are available in our downtown Asheville boutique. Prices range from $26- $35.


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Holiday Outfits, Part 2- Dress Up Your Jeans with Johnny Was

Worried about dressing for the weather this holiday season? Heres a solution: Dress up Your Jeans!

It’s almost the holidays and this year we’re expecting lots of cold weather (here’s looking at you Buffalo!) But around Minx, it takes more than a couple of snowflakes to ruin our merrymaking, so we’re bundling up and spreading our cheer! Join us in fighting hibernation, just make sure you’re dressed for the occasion, no matter what the weather brings.

How are we bracing for the cold? We’re going for full coverage and dressing up our favorite jeans! Paired with classically cut heels and a sophisticated top, black jeans are perfect party attire.

Wear your jeans with: The Blue Velvet Poncho from Johnny Was!

This is the piece we’re all lusting over. With its’ festive floral embroidery, embossed pattern, and luxe texture, this top is a holiday must have. Added bonus? It’s flattering yet forgiving tunic shape means you can go back for seconds (or thirds) while still feeling comfortable! Just be warned, this beautiful blue velvet top may just inspire more than a great holiday outfit!

Embroidered Velvet Tunic/ Johnny Was/ Dress Up Jeans Johnny Was Velvet Poncho/How to Dress Up Jeans Johnny Was Embroidered Tunic Julie Vos Jewelry Johnny Was Velvet Tunic/ Holiday Outfits Johnny Was Tunic/ How to Dress up Jeans Johnny Was Velvet Tunic

This look can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique.

Velvet Poncho, Johnny Was – $229
Acorn Necklace, Julie Vos  – $117
Razor Cropped Skinny Jeans, Neuw – $143
Cameo Ring, Extasia – $84
Electrify Blue Suede Pumps, Seychelles – $103

Ready to score the perfect piece now? Shop some of our favorite holiday (and budget) friendly tops online now! 

Favorite Holiday Tops under $100

Thanks to Meagan for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.